Legal and tax services for Japanese companies in Thailand

Our global legal and tax support systems connecting Japan and Thailand


Support for business expansion into Thailand

We have a local law office in Thailand. Our office in Japan provides a one-stop legal service and integrated advice when it comes to business expansions into Thailand, including an expansion type, business licensing, BOI application, joint venture agreement drafting/reviewing, application for corporate registration, application for a factory operation licence, and work permits. Then our Thai office assists clients with the registration and permit applications.

Support for business expansions into Thailand

Tax affairs

Support for tax affairs in Thailand

There’s nothing more important than being tax compliant for corporate clients that have expanded their business into Thailand. Tax refund audits tend to take long and unlike the headquarters in Japan, issues arise in regard to international taxation. We liaise closely with our local office in Thailand and give advice to the corporate clients concerning daily transactions from both domestic and international taxation points of views, as well as providing support systems for tax audits and lawsuits.

Support for tax affairs in Thailand

Labour affairs

Support for labour affairs in Thailand

Corporate clients that have expanded their business into Thailand need to be compliant with the labour related laws in the country and manage their employees and payroll. If labour affairs weren’t appropriately dealt with, they would have a huge adverse impact on business operations. We offer our clients advice related to labour affairs and assist them in drafting/reviewing employment contracts/work regulations, drafting dismissal related documents, being in the presence of dismissal notice/collective talks, and legal representation in the labour court.

Support for labour affairs in Thailand

Why choose us?

We are experienced and have proven results

Evidently, Thai experts such lawyers offer corporate clients that have expanded their business into Thailand legal support. However, average Thai experts aren’t as competent as Japanese lawyers. For example, oftentimes they can’t accurately give answers to clients or their advice is not clear what evidence is based on. We have experienced Japanese lawyers who have been working on tax and legal affairs in Thailand for many years. They supervise the Thai lawyers so that we can offer our clients Japanese-standard quality and trusted advice. Our Japanese lawyers who are responsible for the Thai division aren’t just interpreters for the Thai lawyers, but they have extensive experience in corporate legal affairs, tax audits including transfer pricing taxation, lawsuits/negotiations, being in the presence of dismissal, labour lawsuits, and other permit applications. Our clients are delighted with the practical and viable consultations and problem resolution. We are capable of giving meticulous explanations to Japanese headquarters about procedure and outlook as we have experienced Japanese lawyers who have dealt with processing applications and lawsuits in Thailand. We won’t leave everything to the Thai experts and make our clients wonder what the status of the issue is or how it’s handled.

Our comprehensive approach and legal advice

When it comes to tax and law affairs in Thailand, one consultation/investigation is interrelated with various laws and regulations such as tax affairs, labour affairs, corporate law affairs, foreign investment regulations, Investment Promotion Act-related affairs, visas/work permits. It’s likely that lawyers who are specialised in a particular field would take care of corporate legal affairs in Thailand. Therefore, just getting an answer to a client’s query wouldn’t be sufficient. For example, in case of a dismissal, it carries a risk of making the expatriate employee’s residence permit invalid. Another example is even if a capital increase is processed correctly, it can conflict with the foreign investment regulations. These potential risks need to be taken into account. We don't just answer queries from clients; we also look at matters from diversified viewpoints including potential issues that might arise and give comprehensive advice and consultations to our clients.

Our progressive legal services as business evolves

ALG is a general law firm with 89 lawyers. We have 10 offices in Japan (Tokyo, Utsunomiya, Saitama, Chiba, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kobe, Himeji, Osaka, Fukuoka) and one in Thailand (Bangkok). This allows us to provide support systems both in Japan and Thailand, for corporate clients that have expanded their business from Japan into Thailand.

Our corporate legal affairs division has dealt with a wide range of matters such as M&A, legal due diligence, corporate labour legal affairs, and other corporate legal affairs. With our Japanese-standard legal services, our clients that have expanded their business into Thailand can be fully compliant with the laws and regulations in Thailand. We also assist the person from the Thai subsidiary’s Japanese parent company who is in charge of internal control if needed.

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They say every expert in Thailand has a different opinion, which means there is widespread unreliable information in the country. It’s unlikely for many companies to be able to judge if the advice they receive from an expert is actually trustworthy. They end up expanding their business into Thailand and operating the business without their concerns being addressed. With our accurate knowledge of the laws and regulations in Thailand, we are here to assist and guide such clients in being fully legal compliant. Contact us for legal and tax services in Thailand.

We have dealt with

  • Legal and tax due diligence on a local corporation in Thailand
  • Consultation and negotiation on national tax audit and customs post clearance audit in Thailand
  • Tax related lawsuits(Central Tax Court and Supreme Court of Thailand)
  • Transfer of business, dissolution, and liquidation registration formalities
  • Contract drafting with regards to tax and legal affairs (in English and Japanese)
  • Labour related lawsuits (Labour Court)
  • Business licensing application, application for a change of business licensing, and other business licensing related applications
  • BOI business new application, application for a change of BOI, and other BOI related applications including procedures to notify the start of operations
  • Application to appoint an administrator for a Japanese inheritor
  • Class-action criminal lawsuit with prosecutors
  • Monitoring bankrupt cases
  • Bankruptcy petition
  • Liquidation

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